E-Commerce Customers

As an E-Commerce company you are focused on creating a personalized and compelling customer experience. Using your brand across multiple channels is your key to optimizing the customer engagement. Delivering timely, relevant and targeted messages and product choices will help fuel your customers’ continued loyalty. Being able to fulfill orders quickly, optimize your inventory and manage your stock levels will help you expand your global reach and success.

The biggest issue these days for E-Commerce companies is their competition.  The industry is growing at a rapid pace with many online websites entering the business daily. You must be able to differentiate your offerings to keep your customers coming back. To do this you must personalize, not just your product or service, but how you take care of your customers throughout their buying cycle and beyond. You must be able to understand your customers’ needs, keep track of past purchases, purchasing habits, demographics, etc.

NetSuite provides E-Commerce companies a cloud-based, integrated platform that easily connects all aspects of your business. With NetSuite, E-Commerce customers will be able to:

  • Tie multiple selling channels directly to your back-office and fulfillment services
  • Create relevant and personalize omnichannel experience for each customer
  • Provide shoppers with a consistent brand experience by maintaining creative control over your site
  • Support B2B and B2C commerce on the same platform
  • Have multiple web stores on one platform

Our team has over 10 years assisting ECommerce businesses implement and extend their CRM, ERP, Accounting and Ecommerce solutions.  Key ECommerce industries that we have experience working in are; industry supply, outdoor/sporting, fashion/apparel, food/natural products, general supplies and more.  Below are just of few of our ECommerce customers.

mts med new logo
The Tie Bar
Studio M
Toal Industries Inc DBA Bisque Imports
New Moosejaw, LLC
Phillips House A Phillips Frankel Company
Lexington International, LLC