High Tech Customers

As a provider of High Tech products, your focus is on innovation, scalability and efficiency.  Being able to scale at a responsible pace can give you an advantage over your competition. Keeping efficient in your daily operations can only help your organization grow and keep your customers coming back for your valued products.

Being a successful High Tech company comes down to controlling your working capital. Most of this is focused around understanding and managing your information. Communicate with suppliers and collaborate in real-time to gain an advantage over your competition. Being able to share real-time visibility with OEMs, contract manufactures and designers will help you forecast your products demand and accurately balance costs and service levels.

NetSuite’s is a cloud-based, integrated business solution that helps High Tech companies eliminate complexity and unlock growth potential. NetSuite offers High Tech organizations a complete solution allowing you to:

  • Automate order processing for both initial and recurring transactions
  • Automate billing across multiple revenue streams
  • Integrate your whole lead-to-cash process
  • Solve complex revenue recognition challenges and conform with evolving global standards
  • Seamlessly collaborate with your suppliers, vendors and customers allowing you reduce your cost to serve

Our team has over 10 years assisting high technology businesses implement and extend their CRM, ERP, Accounting and Ecommerce solutions.  Key industries that we have experience working in are; software publishers, internet service providers, computer systems manufacturers, technical consulting service providers and more.  Below are just of few of our customers in high tech.

Seat Advisor
Resident Research, LLC
Knowledge Factor, Inc.
TalkPoint Technologies, Inc.
Sittercity Incorporated
Pulse Secure
Hiawatha Broadband Communications
RS Fiber Cooperative
XtremeData, Inc.
Spectrum Technologies, Inc