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2012 Proformative Cloud Computing Survey
This survey was designed to quantify the current state of affairs regarding the current and emerging trends in Cloud Computing/SaaS adoption. Learn more about how Cloud Computing and SaaS-based applications continue to transform the way companies consume IT services and business applications. This technology is here and CFOs and IT leaders are being challenged to explain their positions in this arena of technology. The question of “if” companies will enter the Cloud is continuing its evolution into the questions of “how” and “when”.

The TCO of Cloud Computing in the SMB and Mid-Market Enterprises: A total cost of ownership comparison of cloud and on-premise business applications
This independent report from analyst firm, Hurwitz & Associates, analyzes the comparative Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of deploying cloud computing and on-premise business applications. The report provides an overview of SMB requirements and challenges, provides context on how cloud computing is reshaping the economics and TCO of the business applications landscape, and compares the total cost of ownership for planning and design, infrastructure hardware, software and support, application software, deployment and training costs of traditional ERP / CRM on-premise solutions relative to an integrated front and back office SaaS solution.

The Benefits of Running Your Business Software in the Cloud: Strategies for Success
With the growth of cloud computing, businesses must take a strategic long-term view of their application footprint—understand how applications and business processes cross departments and lines of business, and optimize their applications architecture around collaboration and process. This whitepaper will show how businesses can position themselves for efficient and cost-effective growth, and improved competitiveness by combining an integration applications strategy with cloud delivery.

Why Businesses Run Better With NetSuite
In this paper, you’ll learn through a series of real life business case studies that demonstrate the value of the SaaS model and the value that NetSuite’s cloud business management suite has delivered to businesses of every size. You’ll read about the hard benefits reaped by businesses, how NetSuite integrates into the enterprise, the benefits of a world class data center as a foundation for SaaS, and how to take the first steps to migrate your business applications to SaaS and the cloud.

The Customizable Cloud
Learn why the ability to easily customize ERP is important, the problems with customizing on-premise legacy ERP applications and how the cloud makes customizing ERP easier, more timely and less costly.

Are You Paying Too Much for ERP? How Software-as-a-Service Changes the Game
Business executives pour money into IT initiatives, but often don’t understand what they are paying for. Only 4% of IT leaders believe their ERP systems create competitive advantages. They’re paying an expensive bill for ERP year in and year out. The coming of age of cloud computing has opened an important opportunity for businesses. In this paper you’ll learn the drivers for why companies are taking a second look at their investments in legacy ERP, and find out about the fundamentals SaaS and how it changes the game.

What’s Next for ERP?
Download this thought leadership piece from Phil Wainewright, ZDNet blogger and author of the book Frictionless Enterprise, to learn how business trends like mobilization, social and collaboration are making cloud ERP a necessity for growing businesses.

The 8 Ways Outdated ERP Damages Your Business
In this white paper, The 8 Ways Outdated ERP Damages Your Business, learn how old ERP hold back business and how the cloud can help. Find out why economic, market, and technology changes have made it necessary for modern business systems to adapt more quickly, how outdated systems drain your IT budget, what a modern business must do to ensure their ERP systems keep pace with the demands of a global mobile business, and the four reasons companies are turning to the cloud to keep up with their ever-changing organizations.

Success Kit: Moving Beyond QuickBooks
Find out the key reasons to move from QuickBooks to NetSuite, and the benefits your business can gain. You’ll read case studies from actual NetSuite customers that made the jump from QuickBooks—and the value that NetSuite delivered at their businesses.

Top Five Signs Your Business Has Reached the Limits of QuickBooks
This white paper identifies the five telltale signs that your business has hit the limits of QuickBooks or perhaps, has already outgrown it, the business process inefficiencies caused by running a fast-growing business on limited bookkeeping software, and the hard benefits that businesses have experienced by making the jump from QuickBooks to a complete web-based business management software suite.

Aberdeen Group: Providing a 360 Degree View of the Customer
Companies are seeking to better understand their customers in order to more effectively acquire and retain business. This report provides a road map for improving customer satisfaction and retention without losing sight of customer profitability by integrating multiple sources of data to complete the full 360-degree view of the customer.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Buyers’ Guide
The 80/20 rule—that 80% of a business’s profits are typically generated from 20% of its customers—is more important than ever. It’s critical to know who those 20% are and to maximize the value of those relationships while still driving cost-effective new customer acquisition. When evaluating a CRM solution, a business must ensure they will be able to accelerate new sales, while also optimizing customer satisfaction, gaining a consistent view of the customer across your organization, and improving cross-selling and up-selling revenue. This Buyers’ Guide in to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provides an overview of the trends, value and evaluation criteria one should consider when making a CRM purchase decision, covering the 10 fundamental functional areas you must consider throughout this critical business decision.

Sales Benchmarking Primer
Sales benchmarking is a diagnostic discipline that objectively identifies sales-related performance improvement opportunities and enables best practices solutions to close the gap. This Sales Benchmarking Primer includes two important chapters from Making the Number, the definitive book about sales benchmarking and a current best-seller.