NetSuite - Custom Dashboards

Cloud based custom business NetSuite dashboards and reports offer instant snapshots of your designated key performance indicators (KPIs) and provides real-time trend graphs and ad hoc reports. With direct drill-down capability, you can move from a summary level directly to greater detail, and you can see real-time information to proactively manage for better results.

Our Consulting Team is made up of CPA’s, Business Process Engineers and Management Consultants.  Our goal when setting up custom dashboards is to provide managers and key decision makers the ability to step back from the details and see key trends and relationships that drive their company.  Our team brings years of both technical and business expertise when building and defining custom NetSuite dashboards.

We can help build a collection of real-time data relevant to the roles and responsibilities of each user in your company.  Each user will have a tailored visual workspace, with instant, uninterrupted access to accurate information.  They can then efficiently view the data needed to make decisions and edit records easily.

Sample of Company Roles – Custom Dashboards

  • CEO Personalized Dashboard
  • CFO Personalized Dashboard
  • Marketing Executive Personalized Dashboard
  • Sales Executive Personalized Dashboard
  • Support Executive Personalized Dashboard
  • Operations Executive Personalized Dashboard
  • Sales Rep Personalized Dashboard
  • Support Rep Personalized Dashboard
  • And many others…

Sample of Custom Dashboard Elements

  • Calendars, Tasks and Reminders which help you manage time and workload.
  • Direct access to data in list views, allowing you to view, edit, or add records efficiently.
  • RSS/Atom feeds allow you to display data from website’s RSS feeds, which provides access to external data.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) portlets, which displays instant measures of critical business metrics, providing summaries and comparisons across different time periods.
  • Custom KPI Scorecard portlets, which displays more complex management and performance information.
  • Report Snapshots portlets, which displays a graphical summary of a selected report’s results and a link to the underlying report data.
  • And much, much more…

KPIs: Key Performance Indicators are benchmarks with qualitative or quantitative values that help an organization assess the effectiveness of the processes that have been implemented in a CRM, ERP or Accounting solution.  They provide real time views of financial and non-financial business metrics.

  • View accurate – critical KPIs at a glance.
  • Review data promptly and increase speed of the response.
  • Enable effective decision-making based on live information.

Financial Ratio Scorecard: Gives executives the real-time and historic operating ratios they crave to effectively run the business and manage for growth.  The Financial Ratios Scorecard includes metrics that are built using embedded formulas against core data providing insight into key business drivers such as Days Sales Outstanding, Asset Turnover, Profit Margin on Sales, Debt to Equity and much more.

Deep Ad Hoc Analysis: Slice and dice data using an intuitive “what and how” interface.  Define custom and global/local metrics, filters, composite dimensions, variables, data models and much more.  Use the filter helper to automatically plug in selections, rankings, ranges or variable filters.  Perform what-if analysis via guided navigation or get down and dirty with a powerful yet readable multi-dimensional language.  Perform trending analysis on time-based snapshots.

Collaborative Business Intelligence (BI): Collaborate and share projects, reports and results with colleagues and management in real time.  Track and audit project history.  Annotate and tag reports on the fly.  Invite people into your projects to discuss and share progress.  Encourage participation in real-time. Embed our email reports and NetSuite dashboards using distribution lists.