NetSuite – Custom CRM Development

Do you want to extend the capabilities and functionality of your current cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting Solution?  Imagine your own company’s “fit for use” custom developed solution, complete with your terminology, your corporate branding, your key data points, forms and fields.  Our programmers can customize a tailored solution to match your company’s end-to-end business processes.

Our custom developers have the expertise and experience to help with everything from simple functions, to new business process flows, to an entirely new application.  We will work with your team to design, develop, test and deliver customizations that can provide new functionality, automate workflows and extend your cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting solution.


  • Enforce data validation and business rules as users open, edit or save records.
  • Create automated workflows and specific business process customizations.
  • Custom HTML picking ticket and quote formats.
  • Auto creation of records based upon rules based criteria.

Technologies Used

javascript        dotNet        mySQL

Advanced Customization – Custom Records / Objects, Custom Fields, Record Re-naming, Custom Forms, Custom Tabs, Custom Sub-tabs, Custom Lists, Custom Centers, Custom Roles, Color Themes and much more.

Client/Server Side Scripts – Using industry standard JavaScript programming language we can build Portlet Scripts, Scheduled Scripts, User Event Scripts and Client Scripts for NetSuite development.

Web Services – Using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), standards-based web service APIs allows us to extend your cloud based CRM, ERP and Accounting solution to integrate with other systems or develop additional capabilities.

Get more out of your cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting solution!

“When business software is setup correctly, people fully understand the capabilities and possible uses, and are adequately trained. Business software should improve your company’s productivity and provide strong information reporting structure.”