NetSuite – Custom Integrations

Do you need to integrate an external data source or file with your existing NetSuite CRM, ERP or Accounting solution?

Imagine the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate mission critical applications with other applications and data stores within your company.  Our custom integrations efficiently extracts, aggregates, replicates, transforms and loads data from distinct sources, multiple platforms and operating systems with cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting solutions.


  • CRM integration with your back office ERP and Accounting solution.
  • Ecommerce shopping cart integration that auto creates sales order records.
  • Auto creation of sales orders from a delimited text file.
  • Auto creation of events from external registration software.
  • Custom quote request utility available directly from your website that auto creates quote records.

Our CRM integration group has the expertise and experience to custom design, build and deliver everything from simple to complex integration processes. We know and understand how cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting solutions work on both the front end (navigation & flow) and the back-end NetSuite database schema (APIs). We will work with your team to quickly architect, develop, deploy and fine tune an integration to fit your specific requirements.

These custom integrations can pull information from multiple platforms and various data sources, for example; delimited text files, XML files, spreadsheets, ODBC connections, MySQL, ADO.NET and much more.  Many of these integrations can be hosted on the internet and are available anywhere at anytime.  They can run automatically behind the scenes or built as self service integrations only requiring a web browser to use.

The Right Cloud Solution.  Successfully Delivered!