NetSuite - Custom Reports, Searches and Lists

Get clear and detailed visibility into the state of the business by using either standard, ad-hoc and saved search NetSuite reports and then provide tactical decision support on a periodic or as-needed basis.  With direct drill-down capability, you can move from a summary level directly to greater detail, and you can see real-time information to proactively manage for better results.

We can modify the look of a NetSuite report and the information it presents, in order to meet the your specific needs.  With a vast array of report building tools we can either create new or modify existing NetSuite reports by adding new fields, grouping levels and custom formulas.

** Spend your time analyzing and acting on your key data – not gathering it. **

Our Consulting Team is made up of CPA’s, Business Process Engineers and Management Consultants.  Our goal when setting up NetSuite custom reports is to provide managers and key decision makers the ability to step back from the details and see key trends and relationships that drive their company.  Our team brings years of both technical and business expertise when building and defining NetSuite custom reports.

We can help build a collection of real-time NetSuite custom reports that are relevant to the roles and responsibilities of each user in your company.  They can then efficiently view the data needed to make decisions and edit records easily.

Sample of Standard NetSuite Reporting to Further Customize

  • Financial Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow.
  • Revenue Sales by Cusotmer, Item, Sales Rep.
  • Banking – Bank Register, Bank Reconciliation.
  • Purchases – Purchases by Vendor, Item, Purchase Order Register.
  • Inventory – Inventory Activity, Back Order, Profitability, Status, Turnover and Valuation.
  • Order Management – Sales Order Register, Open Orders and Shipping Reports.
  • Other Types – Customer Service, Case Management, Marketing, Opportunity/Pipeline, Web Presence
  • And Much More…

“When business software is setup correctly, people fully understand the capabilities and possible uses, and are adequately trained. Business software should improve your company’s productivity and provide strong information reporting structure.”