Fit Analysis - CRM, ERP and Accounting Software

“FREE” Business Process Review

Begins with detailed analysis of a company’s current processes, procedures and software requirements in each of their primary business functions; sales, purchasing, inventory control, production, job tracking, accounting and more.

  • A 2 to 4 hour interview session with the key decision makers.
  • Identify current areas of concern.
  • Explore opportunities for improvement.
  • Understand primary goals and short / long term objectives.

The result of the review will be a solution summary document describing how a fully integrated, cloud based CRM, ERP and NetSuite Accounting software solution can provide valuable opportunities for improvements in productivity, reporting structure and overall company success.

We will also be able to determine which web based (cloud) CRM, ERP and Accounting solution best fits your business software requirements.  Again, we take an unbiased, product neutral approach to assisting companies through the evaluation process.  Highlighting both the benefits and drawbacks of the various solutions.


  • To fully understand your business and the needs of your company.
  • To always keep the clients best interest as our primary goal.
  • Provide strong customer support.
  • Become a trusted business partner.