NetSuite - Implementation and Consulting Services

Learn More About our NetSuite Implementation Options

Our consulting group is made up of CPA’s, Business Process Engineers and Management Consultants.  We approach every CRM, ERP, and Accounting software implementation from the stand point of helping companies with best business practices and meeting their critical business requirements.  Were not just technical software consultants simply showing you how to use NetSuite and CRM.

We will map out a tailored implementation strategy to match each client’s specific requirements.  This unique consulting approach will ensure a successful implementation and allow companies to get the most out of their CRM, ERP, and Accounting software (NetSuite and CRM).

Types of Implementations

  • Quick Start Implementation. Is ideal for companies that initially have fairly simple entry-level business requirements.  It is designed for start-ups or small and medium-size businesses with less then 10 employees who initially require only core basic functionality out of a new cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting solution.
  • Mentored Implementations. This is where we project manage, consult and guide your internal team through every step of the implementation.  We review the software setups and data files before imports.  Are also available for brain storming sessions and support as requested.  The goal is ensure no significant mistakes are made and to save on implementation costs.
  • Turnkey Implementations.  This is a full implementation where our consultants take care of everything from setup and data conversion to final testing and delivery.  Our goal is to make the conversion as seamless as possible for our clients.  This is ideal for companies that do not have the time or internal resources to successfully implement an on demand (web based) CRM, ERP and Accounting solution.
  • Tune-Up Implementation. Is much like a brand new implementation of these solutions.  It is just as important to manage the implementation from the stand point of helping company’s with best business practices and meeting their critical business requirements.  Not just simply showing end users how to better use the software.

Implementation Phases

  • Core Implementation (Phase I) –  Initial phase where the primary goal is to fully replace existing legacy systems, achieve effective operational functionality within the new solution and position both the application and implementation team for next steps.
  • Adapting/Learning (Phase II) –  Gaining a comfort level with the new solution; processing transactions, reporting and searching.  Efficiencies are dramatically improving.  The staff and implementation team are quickly identifying other areas within the new solution to target for future improvements.
  • Extending (Phase III) –  A continuous improvement program targeted at identifying areas of struggle within companies, prioritizing and providing ongoing support to help improve those difficult areas.  It’s a journey...