Mentored Implementation

Save money and have more control with a Mentored Implementation…

Our consulting group is made up of CPA’s, business process engineers, management consultants and developers.  We approach every CRM, ERP and Accounting software implementation from the stand point of helping companies with best business practices and meeting their critical business requirements.

A Mentored Implementation is where we project manage, consult and guide your internal team through every step of the implementation.  We will conduct a thorough requirements gathering session followed up with strong best practice consulting and coaching.  We review the software setups and data files before imports.  We are also available for brainstorming sessions and support as requested. The goal is to ensure no significant mistakes are made and to help you save on NetSuite implementation costs.


Key Benefits

  • Utilize or expertise and special knowledge of the application and business processes.
  • Save costs by doing much of the work yourself.
  • Reduce complexity.
    Paints the target clearly.

Deliverables – Mentored Implementation

  • Business Process Review
  • Solution Design Session and Testing
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Data Conversion Training and Support
  • Administrator Training and Support
  • End User Training and Support
  • A clearly defined road map for to help you meet future business needs.