Turn Key Implementation

Turn Key Implementation - Let our experienced team build out a strong solution…

Our Turnkey consulting group is made up of CPA’s, business process engineers, management consultants and developers. We approach every CRM, ERP and Accounting software implementation from the stand point of helping companies with best business practices and meeting their critical business requirements.

A Turn Key Implementation is a full implementation where our turnkey consultants take care of everything from setup and data conversion to final testing and delivery.  Our goal is to make the conversion as seamless as possible for our clients.  This is ideal for companies that do not have the time or internal resources to successfully implement a cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting solution.

Key Benefits with Tunkey Management

  • Can yield a faster implementation path to go live.
  • Easily adopt best business practices.
  • Doesn’t require a high level of CRM, ERP and Accounting competency.
  • Requires less time commitment from your team.