NetSuite – Training and Support Services

NetSuite Training

Jump start the adoption of your new cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting solution.  Our trainers provide tailored training programs to get your users up and running fast.  Our training goes beyond just the NetSuite ERP and CRM business software to include best business practices.

Many trainers offer generic, demo based training sessions.  Our training is more specific and centered around your requirements, your team and your business.  We provide specific work flow training programs to match your data, your processes and your procedures.

  • Available either on site or remote, depending on requirements.
  • Flexible scheduling to meet staffs availability.
  • Tailored training specific to each end-users role, tasks and processes.
  • Phased approach; i.) Core functionality, ii.) Advanced Processing, iii.) Advanced Reporting, Querys & Searches.
  • Our trainers provide quarterly and annual check point training sessions.

NetSuite Technical Support

TRY US OUT – Contact Support NOW (First support incident is FREE.)

Our goal is to provide Exceptional Customer Support.  We are committed to successfully delivering cloud CRM, ERP and Accounting solutions.  To do this we have to provide strong customer support and ensure customer satisfaction.

You will work with our senior PLUS level consultants who will have intimate knowledge of your company, your setups, your processes and your procedures.  Our consultants are able to quickly diagnosis the cause of problems, which leads to faster issue resolution.  Years of technical experience also enables us to easily design and instruct clients on short or long term work arounds.

  • Use our support to supplement or replace your current support package.  Request a Quote.
  • We provide guaranteed response times from dedicated resources and emergency contacts.
  • Work with senior PLUS level consultants, not inexperienced first level support staff.
  • Contact Us Via: Online Cases, Send Email, Phone or Instant Messaging.
  • NetSuite Technical Support is provided either on-site or remotely through desktop sharing and control.