Website, Web Store and Ecommerce Services

Your website should be more than just a simple brochure.  With the internet rapidly becoming the primary medium for just about everything we do in the world which includes conducting business.  Your website needs to be a major component of how your company conducts business.  Customers want to find and buy from companies that it’s easy to do business with and the internet provides itself to easily find information, make requests and to purchase goods.

  • Contact Us.. We have the expertise and experience to design, build and successfully deliver a SEO friendly, market driven, fully integrated website or web-store.  They are database driven, optimized for search, easy to update and easy to use.  Competitive Pricing.

Sales, Marketing & Lead Generation
Your website is the storefront to the world, and can be a powerful sales and marketing tool.  Build your website to be found, utilizing all the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.  Create and manages highly profitable Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search marketing campaigns, with integrated pay-per-click tracking.  Easily create and manage landing pages to target specific markets and more.  Once a prospect submits an online lead form, have it automatically create a record in your CRM solution and email you an alert.  Now that’s integrated!

Integration with CRM, ERP and Accounting Solution
Your website should be an extension of your entire company from both sales and marketing to operations and customer support.  There are many advantages of having your website completely integrated with your CRM, ERP and Accounting solution.  Imagine not having the hassle of juggling multiple systems, re-keying information, manually importing and exporting data between separate applications and toggling between systems just to figure out what’s going on.  Automate your business processes by tying together CRM, ERP and online operations.

CRM Integration Examples:

  • Automatically create lead records in your CRM solution directly from your online lead forms.  Integrate with pay-per-click tracking and tie directly back to specific marketing campaigns for ROI analysis.
  • Provide online quoting capabilities that auto create quotes within your CRM / ERP application.
  • Allow customers to create support cases online that are immediately available within your case management solution.

ERP / Accounting Integration Examples:

  • Your web-store (ecommerce) site is completely tied to the back office in real-time, including inventory management, customer management, auto sales order creation and integrated payment processing.
  • Allow customers to login to their own self service portals.  View order status, make payments and submit support cases.
  • Completely integrated full featured accounting and banking capabilities.