Customizable / Tailored to Fit You

Easily customize NetSuite to Fit you

NetSuite is a solution that can be tailored to match your business requirements.  You can build and configure it to match your industry, your specific business processes and your day-to-day workflows. NetSuite provides you an easy-to-use, point-and-click tool that provides unlimited personalization, configuration and NetSuite customization all within one platform.

NetSuite Customization for

  • Fields
  • Entry Forms, tabs, sub-tabs
  • Lists, views and searches
  • Roles and themes
  • Tables, records and objects

Configure Workflows around

  • Rules
  • Industry standards
  • States, actions and events
  • Triggers

Custom NetSuite Databases

  • Stand-alone
  • Integrated into your processes
  • One-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many